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They offer products that work fabulously. They are like their products, fabulous! Extremely helpful! Fast shipping! Will I buy again? Of course! Thank you Little Man’s BIG FRIEND!

BA Schade

Facebook 5 Star Review

I use the lotions (2,000mg) for headaches caused by neck strain; also post-fusion surgery on my lower back. I use a squirt on my faces mixed with some essential oils and my old-lady face certainly doesn’t look like it! The customer service is spectacular, as well!

Valerie Peischel Mull

Facebook 5 Star Review

I have recommended this to everyone I know. The shampoo really helped with my hair loss from a company who is now going through a class action for this. Their lotions smell AMAZING and really work with all of my aches. And their drops help fight pain from the inside.

Carissa Kelley

Facebook 5 Star Review

I got the low dose hand lotion because i work with my hands every day. I used it skeptically and started noticing that if i stopped using for a day or two my hands started to hurt. I went another few weeks using and not using and still noticed a difference when I did use. I’m very convinced this product works!

Felix Lara

Facebook 5 Star Review

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